Model: ASKN-13

ASKN13: Samples/Lydklip


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Model: ASKN64

Juleplade med Per & Julie!

Weight: 0,12 kg
Model: ASCD-51

ASCD51: Samples/Lydklip

Najannguaq Qvist - talented girl playing fiddle and singing 12 christmas songs ! – only 6 years old when recording this fine christmas album in Atlantic Studio, Nuuk. Her mother Hanne Qvist leader of the local music school for violinists and other music veterans are guests on the production. Songs and stories for Christmas time with a touch of magic.


Weight: 0,12 kg
Model: ASCD-60

ASCD60: Samples/Lydklip


Weight: 0,12 kg
Model: ASCD-134

Angajo Lennert-Sandgreen and his friend Frederik K. Elsner celebrating 10 years as childrens hero named HINNARIK. This time singing wellknown Christmas songs for children adding new songs. A guest visiting (Heidinnguaq Jensen) performing her own produced song showing an upcoming talent. Hinnarik is again most creative and songs are well composted with new funny ideas – surely popular among children.(2014)

Weight: 0,098 kg
Model: askn-56

Kangaamiuni Erinarsoqatatigiit - Kingumut maanna katersuuppugut


1. Ullut taasiaartalersut

2. Juullimi inuusoq Jiisu

3. Taartup pissaanera

4. Guuti Ataataq

5. Ulloq Qiimasuuffik-aa

6. Inuit tamavimmik taanna pissaraat

7. Qaamasoq qilammi

8. Kingumut maanna katersuuppugut

9. Haliluuja

10. Maanna juullisiratta

11. Ullut atukkat

12. Pereersoq qujalluta qaangerparput

13. Qujavunga


Weight: 0,15 kg
Model: ASCD88

Former country governor Jonathan Motzfeldt, along with his siblings, released this crosspiece, which contains both crosses and little funny shows. The self-made Aavaat choir guests plate with a single number.

Weight: 0,12 kg
Model: ASKN-59

Kangaamiormiut erinarsoqatigiivi juullerpaluttumik saqqummersitaat!

Koret fra Kangaamiut udgiver ny juleplade!

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