Model: ASCD56

This production is a result of a contest of music talents in Nuuk in a cooperation between Atlantic Music and the local club NUIF. 23 bands were assigned and these 2 bands: Nu-Gen and Magnetic Northpole won the contest. Songs and lyrics are both in English and Greenlandic. The musicstyle from both bands is hard rock.

ASCD56: Samples/Lydklip


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Model: ASCD-71

X-it from Kangersuatsiaq took January-month at the beginning of 2008 to Atlantic Studio CPH to record this masterpiece. When Atlantic Music ApS received their demo, it was some of a shock band's technical abilities in the international class and is the fountain of any metal lover and not least for our techniques Mik S. Christensen who undoubtedly enjoyed producing this album. Despite the aggressive music, as well as the offensive texts, the band has created an atmosphere that has not been heard or seen before in the Greenlandic music scene, and it is a pleasure to hear their tempos shift that gives an adrenaline experience. The album "Inupiloqarpoq" consists of 11 tracks including a moodful intro, which gives a good picture of the universe you are entering. If you are interested in more info about the band, visit their website: Xitmetal which also contains their first music video recorded in the studio.

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Model: ASCD-105

Arctic Spirit here present their new heavy-metal album named “Between icebergs”. Production carefully and well produced, technically welldone where musicians are able to bring the instrumentel niveau of the songs to a higher level. In this production a new vocalist knowing how to express the songs. Truly a strong rock-heavy-metal album. Listening through the album several times you will find surprisingly shift and tempo in tracks – universe is fantastic!

Also ballads beautifully performed that makes it complete.

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Model: ASCD-108

Malik – the voice of rock from Greenland! Malik entered the scene back in 2000 when introducing the band Chilly Friday with great success. Now Malik made his first solo album showing the listeners of his entitlement as a rock vocalist. Music veterans by his side giving the listener guitar reefs, soloplay and intermezzo.(2013)

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Model: ASCD-77

Arctic Spirits is a modern heavy rock band from Qeqertarsuaq. They are made up of four young talented boys who are sprinkling with energy and something that is extraordinary is the guitar game that is impressive! The guitar game and the pumping bass are really moving and with a drummer in such a high gear that he sometimes gets up while playing, it can not be better at the Greenlandic rock universe. The album consists of 12 songs with true and honest heavynumre with a pair of rock ballads. It's almost like hearing Ozzy Osbourne in a modern edition and the lead-maker does well in a style that can be extremely challenging as a singer. The album has been produced in Atlantic Studio in Nuuk, 2008 and was completed in January 2009, with Simon Uldum as producer. Arctic Spirits had their first major performance at the Atlantic Music Festival (2008), and it's great with a new rock band in such a caliber!

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Denne Heavy pack indeholder 5 albums!
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New noiserock from Greenland!

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1. Inri

2. Avias

3. Reborn

4. Paraliima

5. Diablo

6. Aviaaja

7. Naasunnguaq

8. First Capital

9. New Way

10. Dilemma

11. Qangattarpunga

12. Uterumaarpugut

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Model: ascd-135

1. Isigaakka

2. Qungujugit

3. Tarraq Nunami

4. Arsarnerit

5. Avissaarnata

6. Iliveqarfik

7. Iikkami Assit

8. Qilammi ungasissumi

9. Qaammaruit

10. Sinnattut

11. Akimut (BonusTrack)

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Model: ASCD147

Rockstones udgiver et helt eminent album!!!

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