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Varna – I Wish

Model: ITHCD0074

Varna (Marianne Nielsen) was already a lesser known face on Greenland's music scene before the album came out when she had performed several times for various events. Finally after a year of wait from the fans side she came out with this beautiful album "I Wish", which mainly contains blues songs played by some of the more tanned musicians in the genre. Jorsi Sørensen on bass, Ole Frimer on guitar, Claus Daugaard on drums and Claus Sand on the piano creates a very good energy that can be both relaxing and singing from song to song. The game is absolutely eminent and Varna sings extremely convincingly so you can say that the group has hit the spot! Not least because blues has generally become a shortcoming, but also because Varna does it in the very best style. Their single "Stormy Weather" became an immediate hit in the radio and the band received a great deal of criticism of their performance during the Greenlanders in Tivoli this year (2007). The songs are beautifully written by, among others, Jorsi Sørensen and Varna (Marianne Nielsen), and as you can see the tracklist below, they have contributed a single Greenlandic song - the fresh song "Allaaneruneq". The album was produced in 2007.

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