Sume - Sumut

Model: ULO-7

Sume released this album in 1973 and took the whole of Greenland by storm! Numbers like "Piffiit Nunaat", "Imigassaq" and "Heimaey Eqqaallugu" are contributing to this brilliant album, known to everyone. Sume is not just a band but a cultural heritage for the Greenlandic people, so it's a pleasure to get this CD on the street, as before, was just about to get on LP. Their songs are considered part of the history of Greenland and they represent the greatest songs in the country's music history. There are no Greenlandic musicians who do not know Sume, and this album is a good reason for this. The album "Sumut" was released on CD to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the band.

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