Paarisa-Band (Ulf Fleischer)

Model: ULO-49

Ulf Fleischer - Greenland's very own little man with a lot of singing voice was already known before joining this magnificent album, with songs like "Neriuut", "Paarisa", "Takorluulertuarpagit" and "Issiaannarusunngilanga", he became one of the leading artists in Greenland. His music video with the number "Paarisa" became a landslide without equal, and as one should mention, this album was a campaign against HIV / AIDS which was a newer subject in Greenland when the album was reproduced back in 1988. However, the texts are still relevant Since they are timeless and absolutely genius and the music is really beautifully composed with musicians like Michael Hansen and Eigil Petersen on guitar, Hans Rosenberg on drums and Jorsi Sørensen on bass. An ultimate composition of Greenlandic musicians, which today is spread out in groups such as G60, Rasmus Lyberth Band and Ole Kristiansen Band. The record contains 14 tracks where there are dialogues between a couple of numbers. The previously mentioned well-known songs are still often played in the nationwide radio and it is a joy every single time. After such a great demand, it is good to be able to get such a record back on the market again!

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