Nive Nielsen & Deer Children - Nive Sings

Nive Nielsen came out with this album earlier this year (2009), and along with the band she has given lots of concerts around the world, especially in Greenland. The music style is very original where it can be difficult to place the genre, but if you like music like Norah Jones and Swan Lee, you're not wrong with this magnificent album. Nive Nielsen stands out with her gentle voice and the melodies are lovely down the ground, creating a satisfying presence and the texts are entertaining and easy to relate to. The record contains 15 songs - 12 songs in English and 3 in Greenlandic. The number "Room" became a radio hit and the accompanying music video is shown once in a while on the KNR as people have responded well, not least because of its distinctive style and visual appearance. This popular album is a nice and intense album to listen to and its more or less modest impression gives a real boost to the listener.

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