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Liima Inui - Republik

Model: ASCD-81

Liima Inui, who has released 2 albums and really broke through the album "Pluto", is now out with their third and most well-worked album, "Republic". The album is not like anything else in Greenlandic music, and there is really work with vocals and instrumental moods. Villads Sandgreen - known as Greenland's best guitarist, shows innovation and along with keyboard player Marius Sandgreen, they unfold themselves creatively and entertaining. Kiiu Olsen, who received a KODA award for their second album "Pluto", is again excellent with his provocative and creative texts. He also plays bass as always and the rhythms work better than ever with their drummer Pele Kaspersen. It should be said that this album has been produced in connection with self-esteem, but it is also true that many other issues that reflect in recent times are mixed with the old age in Greenland. Randi Broberg has really grown with her song, and she manages to create intensity with her developed voice. Liima Inui, one of the best live bands in Greenland, has something to offer with this album, and it's a pleasure to give such a talented band the opportunity to fold in a legitimate way. Mik S. Christensen has produced the album at Atlantic Studio Copenhagen, May 2009.

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