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Kishima - Uumavoq Nanoq

Model: ASCD142

Kishima, known for his captivating melodies and positive lyrics, is now out with his third album. The texts include, among other things, the nature and the positive values we have here, and as Kishima is known for, there are also love songs that many will definitely be able to relate to. The album contains 10 songs recorded by Mikael Mortensen and Juuna A. Zethsen, mixed by Mik S. Christensen and Mikael Mortensen. It's a different album with new tunes and, as Kishima fan, there is nothing to fear, as he is still recognizable and keeps his own style. He gets great help from talented musicians and it has been a good time to write these songs for a good time. Last Kishima was out with an album in 2012 with the album; Timmiaaqqatut. The song song'Uumavoq Nanoq 'is already well-played in the nationwide radio.

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