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Kishima - Timmiaaqqatut

Model: ASCD-102

Kishima with Henrik Høyer Jensen in the front is back with a fantastic record. The album "Timmiaaqqatut" contains 9 selected songs and the song itself is known from the feature film's soundtrack "Qaqqat Alanngui". However, this version is the album version and all the songs are superbly produced on an unconventional basis.
The songs are atmospheric and you can really hear that many years have been spent on these songs.
On the record, Henrik Høyer Jensen gets good help from professional musicians; Malik H. Olsen (Sarsuasut) on acoustic guitar, Hans Otto Sandgreen Brandt (own releases) on piano / keyboard, Frederik K. Elsner (Nanook) on electric guitar, Martin Zinck (Nanook & Nina) on drums and Mikael Mortensen (Sonnet) On bass.
Henrik himself sings better than ever and has been able to find her very own style with the musicians with the help of a producer from Sweden. Henrik plays acoustic guitar and sings the lead vocals in all the songs while the others sing choirs and it is a pleasure to hear the events. The whole band has recorded at the same time and it is extremely rare in Greenland and it can be heard! You can really feel the musicians and their tightness and it deserves these well-written songs. The songs are melodic and the texts are of high standard with encouraging phrases that catch already during the first review. This is one of the year's major releases from Atlantic Music. (2011)

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