Model/Artikelnr.: Mapex H500 Hi-hat stand
Upgrade your drum kit with a durable, double-braced Mapex H500 hi-hat stand. It features direct-pull chain drive, adjustable tension clutch, and memory lock.
Gewicht: 4.000 kg
Model/Artikelnr.: Mapex B700 Boomstand
The new 700 Series is a feature-rich line of chrome-plated hardware that is both light in weight and extremely durable. All 700 Series models feature an improved, clamp-style memory lock design, ergonomically designed wing nuts, newly redesigned rubber feet, double braced legs and multi-tiered tubular construction with molded slip-proof nylon inserts. The B700 Boom Stand is completely re-engineered with several new features. Mapex's popular OS Cymbal Accentutors have been replaced with new Multi-sustain Cymbals Felts that allow the player to use any combination of felt and plastic for a more precise level of cymbal sustain. In addition a new Super-Glide stepless cymbal tilter allows unlimited positioning and the new Acculock Tilter handle holds the system tight and can be conveniently positioned out of the way. See all Product Description
Gewicht: 5.000 kg
Model/Artikelnr.: Meinl Chimes Holder MC-CH
Features: Size: Regular Material: Chrome plated steel Knurled surface Foam washer
Gewicht: 0.300 kg
67% Rabatt
Model/Artikelnr.: Pearl AX35 3-Way

Pearl AX35 3-Way

Gewicht: 0.500 kg
Sie sparen: 26.67EUR
Model/Artikelnr.: Pearl TH100 Memory Lock
This Pearl TH100 Memory Lock will fit onto any 7/8"-diameter post and is made of cast zinc with a steel key bolt.
Gewicht: 1.300 kg
67% Rabatt

The Camber 2.5" x 4" x 2.5" Tilt Stacker allows the player to adjust the position of an additional cymbal or effect directly above a cymbal. Every Camber Stacker is "step threaded" so that it can be used on either a 6mm or 8mm threaded cymbal tilter. Tilt stackers allow the player to put the additional cymbal/splash/bell in tight locations around the drum set without the use of an additional stand. 6mm/8mm

Gewicht: 0.400 kg
Sie sparen: 26.67EUR
58% Rabatt
Model/Artikelnr.: Pearl BT-3 Tom Rosette

Pearl BT-3 Tom Rosette

Gewicht: 0.300 kg
Sie sparen: 9.38EUR
Pearl High Ago-Sha (Agogo + Shaker) Ago-Shas are a combination of a Ganza and Agogo with built in striker. They are available in hi and low tone sizes and a double featuring both attached to a single Ganza. Play the Ganza or the Agogo separately or both together to create a host of sounds.
Gewicht: 0.200 kg
Package of 6 felts with sizing from 1" to 6".
Gewicht: 0.200 kg
53% Rabatt
Model/Artikelnr.: Pearl D050 Tension Hook

Pearl D050 Tension Hook

Gewicht: 0.100 kg
Sie sparen: 2.28EUR
Pearl T066 Tension Rod M6 x 115mm
Gewicht: 0.100 kg
62% Rabatt

Pearl SP31 Spring with Felt for P-120

Gewicht: 0.100 kg
Sie sparen: 3.22EUR
60% Rabatt
Model/Artikelnr.: Pearl MTW-12/12

Metal spændeskive til stemmeskrue, pose med 12 stk.

Gewicht: 0.100 kg
Sie sparen: 2.01EUR
Pearl NP69/2 Plastic Sleeve, 2 pack
Gewicht: 0.100 kg
Model/Artikelnr.: HW780

Yamaha HW780 Hardware Pack - contains bass drum pedal (FP-7210A ), snare drum stand (SS740A), Hi-Hat stand (HS740A),2x cymbal boom stands (CS755). All stands have single braced legs for solid stability and safety.

Gewicht: 16.000 kg

Gibraltar trommestativ - brugt få gange i studie ved indspilning - stativ med mange clams til montering - stativ i stærk/solid kvalitet

Gewicht: 12.000 kg
Model/Artikelnr.: Yamaha CH-750 Cymbal Arm
Yamaha CH-750 Cymbal Arm
Model/Artikelnr.: Yamaha CS-660A
Yamaha CS-660A
Yamaha CL945B Single Tom Holder Yess
Model/Artikelnr.: Yamaha CYAT500 Cymbal Arm
Yamaha CYAT500 Cymbal Arm