Model/Artikelnr.: C410

Stagg C410 Spansk m/ taske og rem fås i flere farve (Rød, blå, natur og sort

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Model/Artikelnr.: Play Heavy Metal Now! DVD

At last! A concise, easy to follow video guide to real heavy metal playing for all guitarists of all levels. Styles, instrumentals, theory and technique lessons all in chapters for easy access and learning. Learn power chords, slides, muting and damping, gallop rhythm, riffs using fourths, harmony guitars and much, much more! No need to read music!

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Model/Artikelnr.: Marshall EL-34 100/100

2x100W Dual Monobloc forstærker, der sikrer ren lydgengivelse og lavt støjniveau. Hver kanal har seperat Pesence- og Volumekontrol og en voicing-switch, så du kan styre, hvordan forstærkeren reagerer.

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Model/Artikelnr.: Marshall 9100 100/100

This power amp consists of two fully independent 50 watt blocs of power that provide all the punch and headroom you'll need. This amp consists of an A/B switch which takes you from traditional to modern tube saturation as well as a presence and gain control on each side. The impedance is switchable, and you are able to link power amps.

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Model/Artikelnr.: Tromme DVDen

Praktisk vejledning der gennemgår hvordan man stemmer sin tromme korrekt, hvilket trommeskind man bør vælge, dæmpning af trommernes lyd, hvilken type træ man bør vælge trommesættet i m.m.

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Model/Artikelnr.: Play Keyboards Now!
Two programmes. A guide to keyboard playing without having to read music. Mel Reeves demonstrates the techniques used by Elton John, Billy Joel and Jerry Lee Lewis. Includes: major chords, minor chords, arpeggio patterns and crushed tones. Also Mel Reeves demonstrates melodies. He teaches note reading, rhythm, rests, ties and how to move up and down the keyboard with ease
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Danish Drum Legends vol. 1 tager seeren en tur bag kulisserne blandt en håndfuld af de mest kendte danske trommeslagere - heriblandt Alex Riel, Claes Antonsen og Laust Sonne.
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The Zildjian ZBT Splash Cymbal is bright, fast, and cutting. Sound grooves and round hammer strikes in a simple circular pattern on the top surface of ZBT cymbals magnify the basic sound of the distinctive ZBT

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Muting for a full drumset, including hi-hat, ride, crash, and chinese/larger crash. The 4" utility disc offers additional muting flexibility.

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Pads to take the bite and volume out of a splash and a chinese cymbal. Simply stick and play, then peel off and reuse later.

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Digital trådløs hovedtelefon i CD-kvalitet. Ingen audiokompression. 5.8 gHz Perfekt til studiet!
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Model/Artikelnr.: Play Bass Guitar Now! DVD

This instructional video featuring guitarist/instructor Mel Reeves will help viewers learn to play the bass guitar in any style from rock to jazz, blues to country. Learn tuning,hand techniques, common chord sequences, scales, slides, rhythm patterns, and much more.

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Model/Artikelnr.: Monacor GN-10 XLR
Model/Artikelnr.: Lindy 800 9/9 1 meter

20m Premium FireWire 800 Cable - 9 Pin Beta Male to 9 Pin Beta


This "daisy-chain" cable allows for powering multiple BOSS compact pedals from a single pedal like the LS-2, TU-3, or NS-2.

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Instrument/pedal kabler - sampakket i pose med 5 stk. i forskellige farver
Guitar / pedal kabler 0,6 meter lange i forskellige farver
Instrument/pedal kabler - 5 stk. forskellige farver i pose - 0,9 meter langt
Instrument / pedal kabler (patch-kabler) sampakket i pose med 5 forskellige farver Længde: 1,5 meter
SUPER TILBUD: 3 stk. Blu-rays 199,- Vælg 3 stk. Blu-rays ud fra nedenstående liste ved at nævne dem under kommentarer når du bestiller. Liste over alt vi har tilbage af Blu-rays: One Direction This is us   Coldplay Live 2012   Ray Film Om Ray Charles med Jamie Fox Film ...mehr anzeigen
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