Peter O. Petersen - Kiguserigama/Oqaatsivut ataavarlit

Model: ASKN-36

Peter O. Petersen knows everyone from Greenland's first release with "The Eskimoes", which in his time was on LP, and later he released his own top-selling songs on tapes with hits like "Kiguserigama" and "Nuka". Now you can finally get them on CD and the music is re-mastered by Hans-Jukku Noahsen, so the sound is of today's quality - both cassettes are now assembled on a CD. The music is really fascinating from the old age, and the rhythms are really high gear, and it's only better with the humorous texts written by Peter O. Petersen. There are of course also many serious texts in the songs and he is able to come through many topics that everyone can relate to here. We are proud to be able to get his music back on track!

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