Pilu - Pissanganarsileqaaq

Model: ASCD-113

Pilu Noahsen has now released his debut album "Pissanganarsileqaaq" and it is undoubtedly one of the albums of the year! Pilu is already a famous name in the world of music where she has participated in groups like Nuutit, Qarsoq and Qullissara as a crossword. This time she is allowed to embark on an entire album that involves rock, pop and well-written ballads, and her vocal is absolutely eminent. Juuna A. Sethsen has written nine out of ten songs on the album while Mads Petersen has written a single song. The helping hands of the album have also had an important role with Titben Jacobsen on saxophone, Adam Kjeldsen on rhythm guitar and choir and Nathan Kreutzmann on choir. Juuna A. Sethsen has been responsible for the theme of the songs as well as how the entire album should be arranged and it's really a great job that we at Atlantic Music are proud to publish. Juuna A. Zethsen has also played guitar and keyboard roles and helped with some choir. Aalut Zethsen plays drums on the album and Malik Andersen plays bass. These boys already know each other well from their own band "Arctic Spirits" and it may sound that they are combined to win this project, which will probably heat many homes in the cold winter season.

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