ISIT "Isitit"

Model: ASCD01

ASCD-1 Isit

Atlantic Studio's first release was with the Isit group, which was recorded in 1998. Isit comes from Aasiaat and consists of 4 band members. The album contains 10 tracks. The numbers are pop / rock and are hosted by Karl Sivertsen (formerly in Sume). A few of the songs are singed by Ane Vahl from Nanortalik. The topics are most about love and sing with an Aasiaat accent by Ango Olsen. The melodies are melodic and the actual guitar game is great game. The music is mostly young.

  1. Imarsuaq
  2. Asasaq
  3. Maqaasingaarakkit
  4. Maqaasingama
  5. Eqqaamavara
  6. Nunarsuaq
  7. Maqaasinaq
  8. Taartumi
  9. Aallalerlunga
  10. Isitit
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