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Fra Hulter Til Bulter

Model: ASCD66

What do lords and wives do, just where the moon bows?


How does a lavish remoulade show sound?
And where does Kebab Bob and Lullu really come from Lassen?

From Hulter To Bulter
Is an adult-friendly children's show with 12 brand new well-written songs,
Published on the company and the publisher Atlantic Music.
The melodies are eagles and vary from rock to Latin
For ballads. The texts are challenging, quirky and fun, but the whole
Time with a good tale and depth.
From Hulter to Hulter is mostly recorded with acoustic
Instruments and of such good muikers as:

Øyvind Ougaard on accordion
(Alberta, Monrad and Rislund et al)
Bassists Ole Skipper Moesgaard
(The End, Blast, Søren Pilmark's show
MF )
Guitarist Jacob Rønne
(Including composer of the film "Anja and
Viktor - Burning Love ")
The key player Lars Nielsen
(Stig Rossen, Jacob Andersen, Bobo
Moreno et al. )
Percussionist Jesper Falch
(Mek Point, Phønix, etc.)
All music and text are written by the musician
And the singer Jan Hilmar.

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