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World Music from the Cold Seas"World Music from the Cold Seas" er en uafhængig fortsættelse af den succesrige metalrock-cd "Rock from the Cold Seas". Baseret på traditionel musik er forestillingerne her en blanding af etniske lyde fra flere kulturer fra hele landet. CD'en viser den kolde havs mangfoldige indfødte musik.

Model: SHD51
"World Music from the Cold Seas" is an independent continuation of the successful metal rock CD "Rock from the Cold Seas". Based on traditional music, the performances here are a mix of ethnic sounds of several cultures from across the land. The CD samples the multi-faceted indigenous music of the Cold Seas. Listen to the traditional beats of the Greenlandic drumdance. Or groove to a funky techno drumdance. Find out why the fresh and powerful Tyr jumped straight to No.1 in the Faroe Islands and Iceland with a rock rendition of an old Faroese ringdance. International audiences and critics alike have deemed Yggdrasil's Eivør to be one of the most talented female singers in the world. The Sami weave a spell of beautiful yoik trance. The yoik, Europe's oldest musical form, will touch you and capture you in its timelessness. Margret Ornolfsdottir's rock group the Sugarcubes introduced Bjork to the world. Klakki's "Faeding Mafsins II" is co-written by Sjon another well-known collaborator of Bjork's. The two of them were Oscar nominees for the music to Lars von Trier's film "Dancer in the dark". Let the music enchant you with the brave, new "World Music from the Cold Seas".
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