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Sisit - Uanniik Ilinnullu

Model: ASKN-43

Then our new distribution came with a new group called Sisit, and they have just finished this nice album "Uanniik Ilinnut", consisting mainly of rhythmic pop and ballads. The songs are melodic with good texts dealing with many recognizable things with love in front, and the singer Ludvig Svendsen, who has written the songs together with Jan Olsen and Nukannguaq Kajusen (Inuk), sings with a vowel that is very prominent on the record. One can feel that the singer challenges himself, and with the musicians like the aforementioned and Malik Andersen (Arctic Spirits), Aasaf Olsen and Niels Ole Olsen (Liima Inui), it works well and you can clearly feel the home study atmosphere. The songs are written from 1998-2009 and the record contains 12 songs, recorded in Sisit Studio 2010.

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