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Secure Escape - Turnpoint

Model: ASKN61

Secure Escape is a band containing three musicians; Jukka Wagnholt on vocal and guitar, Martin Zinck on drums and backing vocal and Jan Rasmussen on bass. ´Turnpoint´ is the first album by this trio and the style is very raw, unpolished and sometimes even de-tonal noiserock. The album has 11 songs in English and can be called a more or less experimental album with lots of homemade guitar sounds and effects, and the reason for that is that one of the musicians is a guitar pedal-builder and makes his own unique pedals. Jan and Jukka have since their younger days played music together and the style has always been rock and hardcore rock. The drummer Martin is already a wellknown musician up here and is part of this outstanding trio, and all the songs are written in a very close cooperation between the three of them. It was back in 2001 Jukka met Martin for the first time and already back then they had a dream of making a rockband inspired by Sonic Youth, Marlene Kuntz, Dinasour Jr etc. After discussing it for a longer time they started the band in 2012 and performed their first concert at Arctic Sounds Festival in Sisimiut in 2015 with overwhelming response from the audience. Secure Escape gives an untraditional, different and new sound to the music scene in Greenland and it is woth mentioning that it's a respected guy from the States that made the master for this album so the sound levels with other international artists in the same genre.




Stand out


Picture of you




Listen, don't listen


The dream

Sea view

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