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Rosa Wille & Tuukkakkormiut - Imissivorooq

Model: ULO-48

Rosa Wille, also known from Vajgat Okrkesteret, published this album in 1988, and if you want something real "kalattuut" (Greenlandic folk dance music) this is the album. All the classics, such as "Arnannguaq kavaajalik" and "Maniitsuliarluta", which are among the most famous Kalattut songs in Greenland, are featured on this album. The album also contains swing and roll songs that in themselves are very nice. This group is doing well in the good old fashioned way, and although the many songs on the CD are composed of many different, they still manage to keep the red thread. The style is traditional Greenlandic music and is certainly suitable for the more festive moments, as you can not get in touch with the music.

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