Rina - Unnuaru

Model: ASKN53

Sussat! With female singer! Rina sings as she has to this music that holds the style within the genre of musicians in Sussat! is known for. Sussat! S singer John G. Sandgreen also sings a couple of songs, and as the other times he himself produced the entire album and wrote all the songs. "Rina - Unnuaru" contains 11 songs and hip hopes JoSPal-G guests a single number. The album is dedicated to the happy audience who wants to go to dance feeds and love to sing with! Everyone knows what Sussat! Suppose and their 2 previous albums "Sila Qaammareerpoq" and "Asaneruleraluttuinnarsinnaarpasippakimmi" have combined sold over 8,000 albums and these high sales figures speak for themselves one must say ...

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