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Rikka - 25

Model: ASCD-132

 Rikka as with his debut album "Unnuap Nipaannerata" became famous for his big voice is now ready with the sequel "25". The album has been a long way since the production took place in close cooperation between Rikka and the producer Mik S. Christensen in Copenhagen. The album contains 10 songs and the style itself is completely different from Rika's first release, which was much more acoustic. This time it's pop and ballads at more up-beat pace. Rikka, known for his touching love songs, keeps the style textual and with a larger sound image for his music, it's exciting how his fans will take on the album. "25" is a very personal album for Rikka and it can be heard on him in his vocal. Hans Rosenberg and Mik S. Christensen have given a helping hand to this release. Rika's romantic texts never fail, and when he expresses himself on these songs, there is no more honesty from this sensitive young man. Enjoy the album and give it its own life, because it's clear that Rika's songs are written from the heart. It's a melodic pop that will definitely change much on his live shows in the future.

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