Rasmus Lyberth "Greatest"

Model: ASCD24

Everyone knows Rasmus Lyberth who is Greenland's ambassador in Greenlandic music. His clean and controlled voice gives the music a wonderful spirit that keeps popping in the ears. This record is a collection of his best songs from previous releases. There are a lot of old classics, which have been remastered for top quality sound in 2001. A nice sell in both Greenland and Denmark. Rasmus is one of the most tanned musicians, and is clearly visible in his calm voice and great guitar playing. He received this year's honorary award in 2003 from KODA.

ASCD-24 Rasmus Lyberth

  1. Tusaajuarpara
  2. Sianeq Tusaasara
  3. Anaanasup Isai
  4. Upernalersumi
  5. Sulisartut
  6. Unnulersumi
  7. Kisimiinngilatit
  8. Nipaannerup Anersaava
  9. Qaamaneq Isinnit Isigaara
  10. Erningaa
  11. Nattoralik
  12. Imigassami
  13. Niperujuutiga
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