Putut "Inuunerit"

Model: ASCD22

Putut comes from Qasigiannguit. The music is popped with a little soft rock and guitar solos. The singer Judithe Johannesen does a good job, and is often compared to Greenland's great singer Marina. The CD contains 11 tracks that were recorded in 2001. The topics are about love, friendship, longing, nature ... It is a very typical Greenlandic plate in the good way.

ASCD-22 Putut

  1. Naa…Pillutit
  2. Unnugiaq
  3. Inuunerit
  4. Asanninnerunerluni
  5. Eqqarsaatit
  6. Aggerusaarpunga
  7. Takunissat Ilimaginagu
  8. Ikinngut
  9. Upernalaap Kialaartup
  10. Asasimallutit
  11. Allalaartunga
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