– Diverse kunstnere (DDR)

Model: PGMCD-42

This album contains old classics written by, among others, Kim Larsen, Sebastian, Povl Dissing and Gasolin. These protest songs were recorded in early 2006 in a new interpretation of the new popular bands in Denmark (Marie Frank, Peter Sommer, Ataf, Magtens Korridorer, etc.). One of the most popular rock bands in Greenland was also invited to Denmark to record Gasoline's "Cape Farewell to Uummannarsuaq" - the band was the DDR which made the number more rocket and more aggressive so it suited more to the present. They even contributed some Greenlandic words to the end of the song, which has given great attention and has become one of their most popular songs when playing concerts. The CD contains 13 great songs for all tastes.

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