Peter O. Petersen - Kalaallinaasiit

Model: ASKN-52

Peter O. Petersen is back on track! He is now out with this record containing 11 songs. This time he has well-known musicians and guests and what you really should notice are the wind instruments and the harmonics that make it very special to listen to. The album has lovely rolling songs and lazy dance music songs, as you know them best. Nina K. Jørgensen sings the ending song "Uummatip Nipaa", and it's always up to her to feel like she's doing this emotional song. Peter O. Petersen is already a famous face in Greenland and has, among other things, been in The Eskimoes, the first Greenlandic rock & roll band, so he has been on the pitch for a long time. The album "Kalaallinaasiit" has been a long way since it was completed in March (2013).

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