Pele Møller Band "Sapanngatut"

Model: ASCD08

This record was recorded in 1999 and contains 9 swinging jazz numbers. Pele Møller from Nuuk has made lots of records that are very familiar, not least because of the eager melodies, but also because of his heavy chord change. He has the female singer Juliane Andreasen (Kaaka) on this album. He is one of the tanned musicians in Greenland. Here are both sensitive and happy songs. Pele performs very often, and he can only do that with the guitar who makes it all the way to swing.

ASCD-8 Pele Møller

  1. Sapangaq
  2. Pikialaarneq
  3. Qungutsorik
  4. Asanninneq Suua?
  5. Qungujunneq
  6. Isitit Qullinik Masalersut
  7. Ikinngut Asasaq
  8. Qinngorneq
  9. Seqernup Nuivaatigut
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