Nuutit "Erligivagit"

Model: ASCD34

Nuutit comes from Nuuk, and has released before. They have probably never been as successful as they came with this album. People became totally wild with them, not least because of the guests Julie Berthelsen and Nina Kreutzmann. The songs are beautiful and thoughtful. Hans Jukku Noahsen (Qarsoq) sings beautiful and plays an amazing guitar. Pilu Noahsen and Birgitte Platou sing beautifully, making their numbers most popular in radio stations. The record was recorded in 2002 and contains 12 pop-up tracks. It has sold to silver and still sells on full drunk.

ASCD-34 Nuutit

  1. Annikilliuut
  2. Ulloriarpaat
  3. Tikillugit
  4. Ilinnut
  5. Inuunermi
  6. Qulinni
  7. Silarsuaq
  8. Erligivagit
  9. Tukutuuaraq
  10. Ataatsimit (intro)
  11. Ataatsimit
  12. Ullaaq
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