Nuunopq Project - Inuunera Erinniaavoq

Model: ASKN-27

Nuunoq Johansen who has stood for this magnificent album is not an unknown name in the world of music. He has been called Greenland's answer to Joe Satriani, and you hear the instrumental numbers on this album where he fires it in the best possible way, you understand why. He has been able to experience him with Kalak when playing concerts, and now he has made an excellent album with varying songs and has mixed musicians and singers with the help of his musical friends. The album has been a long way, and here are some from the guest list who say it all: Julius Larsen (Ole Kristiansen Band), Villad Sandgreen (Liima Inui), Renë Fleischer (Discobay Blues), Kaali Olsen (Kalak), Nina K. Jørgensen, Nuka V. Petersen, Titken Jakobsen, Hans Jukku Noahsen (Nuutit), Jonas Fleischer (Discobay Blues) and more. The album contains 10 songs and was finalized this summer in 2008. If you hear the entire album, you will be invited to modern pop, blues and rock where the guitar along with the vowels has the dominant role, but what makes this album different are the lovely shifts that can Tend to get into a universe in the best Pink Floyd style. Nuunoq's eminent guitar game is in international class and he has the ability to make an instrumental number extremely interesting listening to where the guitar sings and screams so listeners get goose skin. All songs are well-played by all musicians and it is a pleasure to hear the different instruments being played full from song to song ...

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