Nina - Eqqissineq

Model: ASCD73

Nina Kreutzmann Jørgensen, who has contributed to some of the most popular albums in Greenland, is now coming out with her very first solo album. Everyone knows her from Qulleq, Zedna and Sarsuasut, where she has worked with several of Greenland's most talented artists.


Nina's solo album "Eqqissineq" has long been awaited by the Greenlandic audience and one can only agree that she has been missing on the Greenlandic music scene. However, she has remained active with the man Malik, where they have given memorable concerts in the last couple of years, not least under "Greenland in Tivoli". Her solo album contains 10 songs, among others, written by Nina and Malik, Julie Berthelsen, Kaali Olsen (Kalak), Rasmine & Nukannguaq Geisler (Nuutit), Simon Uldum (DDR) and she has even been granted permission from Siiva Fleischer to replay some Of Zikaza's beautiful songs so they get new life again. Never have Nina sung so well and she is accompanied by artists like Kimmernaq, Malik, Nukaaka, Julie and sibling Lumholt who sings on cows. Fantastic album!

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