Nalusuunerup Taartitaani

The songwriter Ole Kristiansen has written the songs Nukáka Coster-Waldau and Jens Simonsen have re-arranged for more teat-friendly music. The songs are very artistic and the whole theater has been developed in close cooperation between Inuit Theater and Theater Solaris. The album here is very exciting and it's a new expression the songs have got. The originals of the works originate from Ole Kristiansen's Qasapi-p ullua kingulleq.

On this release, Miké Thomsen, Karina Møller, Nukáka Coster-Waldau and Ole Kristiansen sing. It's very atmospheric music, where multi-voice song dominates with organ, beats, guitar, keyboard and bass support. When you listen to the songs you can sense the theater atmosphere and it almost feels like you're living.

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