Model: BPCD4

Maasi became a famous name when Prussian came out with their landslide. He is known as Greenland's best rapper and no one has his flow. He is Greenland's answer to Eminem and his inspiration is taken from the very big from a time when TuPac was the greatest and Maasi is not afraid to say just what he thinks about society, his wild young life and other sore taboos. The album is written at a time when he was very active and today he has chosen to only host concerts with a couple of songs, despite many inquiries. Maasi never disappoints and always gives the audience a unique experience, and last time he appeared for 35,000 guests at the Beautiful Festival where he visited TV 2 with his rap flow, and the enthusiastic reviewers. This album also contains big hits like Ajortoqartuannarpoq and Nunarput Qiavoq. By special guest you can name yourself John Olsen from Nuuk Posse.

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