Juaaka - Naasumik paju

Model: ASCD-96

Juaaka Lyberth, known from some of the great classics, has not been active on stage for several years, but now he's up to date with a new album featuring well-known and new songs. Juaaka has hits like "Lis Mari" and "Asasannut", and replaying such great songs is lovely to get out. Juaaka Lyberth receives good help from a number of talented musicians: Hans Rosenberg, Jes A. Berthelsen, Hans Jukku Noahsen, Christian Søgaard, Aviaja & Pavia Lumholt and Mik S. Christensen. The original version of "Lis Mari" has also been included as a bonus track on this album, which contains a total of 10 songs.

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