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Inuunerma Oqaluttuassartaa

Model: ASCD-61

The well-known book "Inuunerma Oqaluttuassartaa", written by Poul Hansen, has now been published as Greenlandic-language CD. The CD itself contains 4 CDs with a total playing time of approx. 4 hours. The idea of ​​this project has arisen by a request from Hans Møller, who himself also reads from the book of the 4 CDs. Hans Møller, who is a teacher in Ilulissat, seems that the people of Greenland should have the opportunity to hear about the exciting tales written by Poul Hansen (1931-1991). The stories flow from Poul Hansen's childhood, where he moved from place to place after his father's death, to his older days, telling him about his ancestral manners and his many experiences and experiences of life. Among other things, his youth consisted of being a prisoner, and as a prisoner he has a lot of interesting episodes to tell about.

The book is told with a lovely magnificent voice that captures the listener completely, not least because of the exciting content that speaks for itself. If there are some Greenlandic words that can be difficult to understand, he has even managed to speak the actual meanings of these so that everyone can join. The CD contains exciting stories that all Greenlandic listeners deserve to experience.

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