Imîna Thule 1962

Model: ULO-167

For the first time ever, it has been possible to make a solo CD with a drummer. Imîna Imîna (1896-1984) was recognized as one of the biggest drummers in Qaanaaq. He lived as a prisoner, but at the same time he knew a wealth of songs that were inherited from generation to generation. He sang them with great indulgence and sweetness, while respecting the tradition. In 1962, Michael Hauser and Bent Jensen visited Qaanaaq, and recorded a lot of music on which the CD's three Thule CDs are based. Among them, a wide selection of Imini Imagna's songs, which now makes it possible to listen to the best drummer in Qaanaaq on an entire CD. Imina's grandson, Hivshu, Robert E.Peary II, has collaborated with his organizers through his grandfather's songs,

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