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Eskimo Weekend - Soundtrack

Model: ASCD35

This CD is a Soundtrack for the short film Eskimo Weekend. Various bands such as Chilly Friday, DDR, Julie Berthelsen, etc. are contributing to the album. The song song Eskimo is a song that should be given an extraordinary remark to where Malik Kleist is singing very well. The number is very special and can not be compared to anything else. The CD contains 13 tracks and is most based on young people, as it is the music from a youth movie (rock / pop / house). The plate was produced in 2002.

ASCD-35 Eskimo Weekend Soundtrack

  1. Eskimo (Chilly Friday)
  2. Lost & Found (Julie Berthelsen/Lumholt)
  3. Qiimaneq Remix (DDR)
  4. Nemoland (Chilly Friday)
  5. Whore 4 A Day (Chilly Friday)
  6. Kasuutta (DDR)
  7. Dusty (Zinzane)
  8. Siunissaq (DDR)
  9. Eqeeritsi (Chilly Friday)
  10. The Beginning (HAP)
  11. Igloo (Zinzane)
  12. Ethnic Trance (HAP)
  13. Party Boy Airways (HAP)
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