East Greenland 1906-1989

Model: ULO-168

The collection of traditional music, kingsongs and peoples pictures from East Greenland was recorded from 1906 to 1989. Sounds we start in ancient Tunu, an East Greenland where Christianity has not yet made solid roots, and where drums, breaths and shamanism were still part of everyday life. And ending in Kulusuk church a beautiful Sunday morning in the 60s, where the drummers went to church and sang on the hymns

Along with the CD, we hear horrific breath stories, sweet kiss songs, drum-pow wows at home in people in the living rooms, with friends and acquaintances who sing. Some of the songs invade us in hunting techniques: how do you scratch the ice, so that the seal gets caught closer? The CD follows a 32-page English-language booklet, with James Bianco, who himself is East Greenlander, having comments on most of the songs. That way, it is possible to get a little behind the music and understand the cultural context the music and songs are part of.

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