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DiscoBay Blues - Seqernup Tungaanut Aallarpugut

Model: ASCD-94

DiscoBay Blues, which is the band that plays the most live in Greenland, has been very successful with their debut album, which has sold over 3,000 copies in Greenland. DiscoBay Blues is the only real blues band in Greenland, and this time they are all around in genres, and with 60-70 gigs a year, they can not go wrong in the studio where they received great praise for their technical abilities. There are blues, rock n roll, rock, pop and ballads. The songs are both old and new as many know from their concerts and the lyrics are both entertaining, happy and serious. The album contains a total of 13 songs and you can only give the whole band a praise for the great combination and the reader really has to do with his vocal so it's a pleasure to get the album out.

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