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Arctic Spirits - Pissutsit

Model: ASCD-77

Arctic Spirits is a modern heavy rock band from Qeqertarsuaq. They are made up of four young talented boys who are sprinkling with energy and something that is extraordinary is the guitar game that is impressive! The guitar game and the pumping bass are really moving and with a drummer in such a high gear that he sometimes gets up while playing, it can not be better at the Greenlandic rock universe. The album consists of 12 songs with true and honest heavynumre with a pair of rock ballads. It's almost like hearing Ozzy Osbourne in a modern edition and the lead-maker does well in a style that can be extremely challenging as a singer. The album has been produced in Atlantic Studio in Nuuk, 2008 and was completed in January 2009, with Simon Uldum as producer. Arctic Spirits had their first major performance at the Atlantic Music Festival (2008), and it's great with a new rock band in such a caliber!

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