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Arctic Spirits - Naalaannarnata! - Utaqqiinnarnata!

Model: ASKN-73

Arctic Spirits contains some of Greenland's best musicians with extraordinary instrument-skills. It's a progressive metal-album containing lyrics with social critisism. The lyrics are direct and at the same time they sing about encouraging the Greenlandic people to be more self employed. The music has a dark vibe, but with very uplifting tempo change and great environment of guitar solo's, moody sounds and drumming and bass-performances in the high end of the management of instrument-skills it has become a very colourfull album with unpredictable twists. One of the guitar players is for some known as one the best in Greenland and it's pure amazing to hear his guitar performances on this album backing up the singer who gives it all he's got. It's very rare for metal bands in Greenland to release more than one or two albums and Arctic Spirits has produced 3 albums.  


  1. Isumaqarnikuuvunga tatiginartuusunga (3.59)
  2. Kanngunaqaaq! (3.23)
  3. Ilusilersugarsui isertugaateqaqisut (4.43)
  4. Inuiaat nukingat (4.39)
  5. Unnuapalaaq aallarteqaaq! (4.22)
  6. Suleqisugununa?! (3.51)
  7. Ersigunnaarpoq (3.42)
  8. Ummatit tusaavara (4.07)
  9. Naalaannarnata! – Utaqqiinnarnata! (3.37)
  10. Imminorsuaq paareqiit! (3.57)

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