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Appitta "N.F.S. Grundtvig"

Model: ASCD15

The lyrics of N.F.S. Grundtvig (from book) are translated into greenaldic by the author Frederik Nielsen. FN died in 1991 (1905-1991). The music was produced in 2000 by the choir Appitta with great integrity. N.F.S. Grundtvig had written about church bells, God, Lord´s Prayer, - Christian and divine subjects. A very beautiful and relaxing production – mostly meant for the elder.

ASCD-15 N.F.S Grundtvig...

  1. Ulloq Pilluaammik Nassartoq
  2. Sianerpalaaq, Nipit Tusarnit
  3. Nersoruk Naalagaq Maanna Tamarpit
  4. Sululissitat Timmissatut
  5. Guuti, Oqqamik Qanerma
  6. Annaassisoq-aa
  7. Naalaannartitaagit Jesu!
  8. Ikiuisareerami
  9. Nalliuttoq Ukiortaaq
  10. Ullumi Ulloq Sapaatiusoq
  11. Ataatarpooq Tunaartaruuk
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