Angu – ”Angu”

Model: ASCD43

"ANGU" is one of the biggest productions in Atlantic Music's history. An enormous energy was put into this production and was several years in production. Angu´s video "Red light" hit the MTV top charts and was shown all over the world. A beautiful song companied by the breathtaking Greenlandic landscape. Style is soft pop/rock and Angu showed the world that he has a unique vocal and songwriting. The production quickly sold to gold (5000pcs.) in Greenland only.

1. Front Row Girl
2. Time For Time
3. Red Lights
4. Tomorrow’s Page
5. Infinity Calling
6. Keep It
7. Has-Been
8. Year After Year
9. Word Goodbye
10. Fearless Lioness
11. I Won’t Be Here

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