MXR double-double overdrive

Model/Artikelnr.: MXR double-double overdr.

GOLD AWARDOverdrive is the one effect that guitarists feel very passionate about—pick any one and read the multitude of forums dedicated to just that overdrive—mostly because its sonic stamp is what ultimately determines the shape of your tone, especially if you’re looking for more gritty crunch or creamy, smooth sustain.


MXR is aware of this, which is why they offer nearly eight pedals, all with varying degrees of overdriven heat. From the Custom Badass Modified O.D. to the GT-OD Overdrive, I have used nearly all of MXR’s available dirt boxes in one form or another on my numerous pedalboards.


Their latest, the MXR Double-Double Overdrive exercises your gain options twofold: by brilliantly combining two very popular overdrive circuits housed in a single stompbox.

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