Narsami inuusuttut & Silamiut "Perulerneq"

Model: ASCD13

This record was recorded in 1999. It contains 8 tracks. All songs are sung by youngsters from Narsaq and the style is very popular song with calm numbers. It was Silamiut in Narsaq's youth club Nanoq who collaborated with a group of selected youngsters to make the album reality, and that was fine. The songs are about upbringing, sport, love and other youthful topics.

ASCD-13 Narsami...

  1. Upernaaq
  2. Asanninneq
  3. Nipilersorneq
  4. Oqariartuut
  5. Perulerneq
  6. Paasivaat
  7. Timersorneq
  8. Ussernartut
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