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Aniaarmiit (Qaqortoq CityAlbum)

Model: ASKN62

This city album is filled with different kinds of music as it is a city album packed with different genres ranging from pop ... hiphop ... ballads to rock 'n' roll. The album contains 12 songs of some of the more active musicians residing in Qaqortoq. Aniaaq is the name of Qaqortoq's fjord, so they have chosen the name "Aniaarmiit" - those from Aniaaq. The album contains songs from the festive band Suernerit, the popular youth star Nikolaj Lønstrup and Simon Simonsen himself has his own rock 'n' roll song that is already a very popular song just to name a few of the contributors. There are many different artists with and it's a record for everyone - a real family album. It certainly will spread a lot of joy.

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