Frederik Elsner (F) - Sikiinnarpugut

Model: ASCD-160

Frederik Elsner travelled to The Faroe Islands to record this album with his solo-band. If you like his debut album 'Katassinnaanngisaq' you'll love this one as well and this one received great reviews in both Greenland, Denmark and Poland. It's a great piece of work and he keeps true to his own style which is a mix of singersongwriter and pop. it's melodic songs and his vocal is just international and rare in Greenland and the reviews mention that he is an extraordinary artist. This album features very big guests such as The Faroe Islands pride; Teitur and some of Greenland's biggest stars; Ole Kristiansen, Rasmus Lyberth, Mariina and Julie Berthelsen just to mention a few. Frederik is a busy man and he is very productive in both Nanook and in his solo-career and besides that ha takes good time on Music videos where the story of the song and the message in his lyrics are his main priority.




Sequtserinermiit Eqqugaavugut

Skizo ft. Teitur

Akornatsinniittuassaatit ft. Ole Kristiansen


Sinnattoraangama Takusarpagit ft. Rasmus Lyberth, Julie Berthelsen, Mariina, Christian Elsner, Ole Kristiansen...


Sialuit Qummut Aallaqaat ft. Kuunu Berthelsen

Innarta Anaanaga

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