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Najannguaq - Juullip Ulloriaa

Model: ASCD-51

Najannguaq Qvist - talented girl playing fiddle and singing 12 christmas songs ! – only 6 years old when recording this fine christmas album in Atlantic Studio, Nuuk. Her mother Hanne Qvist leader of the local music school for violinists and other music veterans are guests on the production. Songs and stories for Christmas time with a touch of magic.

1. Juullimi Orpiliaq
2. Pinneqaaq Qilassuaq
3. Santa Lucia
4. Nissimaannguaq
5. Kaavitta Kaavitta
6. Qujallusi Qaagitsi
7. Nuna Apivoq
8. Qaa Avilortuaritsi
9. Nissimaap Nulia
10. Meeqqap Nipaa
11. Qalianiippoq Nissimaaq Ingilluni
12. Siningusarit

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