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Rasmus Lyberth - Alaatsinaassuseq Aquttoralugu / Nysgerrighed Som Styrmand

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He can fill venues to the breaking point and excite both audiences and reviewers. Now after several years of pause, Rasmus Lyberth is back with a new album.
The Greenlandic singer, songwriter and actor Rasmus Lyberth is now ready with a collection of new songs on the album "Curiosity as a mate". Besides Rasmus, there is also a new team of musicians: Kristoffer Jul Reenberg (Piano and Hammond Organ), Alain Apaloo (Guitar), Ayi Solomon (drums), Ulrik Skytte Andersen (bass) and Jane Clark (Violin).

It's always a breathtaking and unique experience to hear Rasmus Lyberth sing his Greenlandic songs. Rasmus possesses a very special ability to convey the dramatic, magnificent and contrasting stories, both found in Greenland's nature and human destiny. With his self-composed music and his captivating voice, Rasmus sings about Greenland's nature, the conditions of the population and the homeland's development, so it defies all language barriers and goes straight to the heart of the audience.

With his music and art, Rasmus Lyberth has focused on the country to the north of one
International audience, and his artistic commitment has secured Greenland one of the most popular artistic representatives ever. It was most recently expressed when the BBC in July 2011 had invited Rasmus Lyberth to participate in their annual prestigious promenade concerts in The Royal Albert Hall.

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