Peand-el - Tarrara

Model: ASCD-76

Peand-eL, released with its first album back in 2005, is now out with its second album. This album "Tarrara" is packed with hit numbers and has been produced for a year in Atlantic Studio Nuuk, where Peand-eL and Simon Uldum have spent hours on this eminent work, following Peand-eL's pre-production, already started back in 2006. Peand- EL runs its own style as many of the famous Greenlandic stars have fallen for. Names like Rasmus Lyberth, Mariina and Kimmernaq are among the catchy numbers (see track list). Peand-eL has played with one of Mariina's greatest hits from the 80s, as Hans Lange himself approved before his tragic death, and the way he does it is hitherto unheard of in Greenlandic music. Rasmus Lyberth's emotional voice warmly warms up to one of the stronger songs on the record where Kimmernaq sings the sentence with his unique voice. In addition to these guests, he also has Anda Uldum, who included, among other things, the "Takoqqaarnerit" hits from Peand-eL's first Plate, and again, one can only feel the cooperation and understanding for each other when the Spirit is singing the meaning of Peand-eL's raping verse. TuuMotz and John Olsen, who already know when talking about Greenlandic hiphop, also contributes to the album, and the atmospheric song "Takorluukkat" that TuuMotz is singing is one of the songs that really captures the listener because of the lovely text and The positive energy that enriches the number. The title number "Tarrara" is hosted by Charlotte Uldum, who also visited the title of Peand-eL's first album. Ajaaja Gabrielsen, which is one of the newer names, also welcomes the record with great conviction. Yes, Peand-eL has grown a lot since his first release, and this is a plate packed with a lot of energy and the fun sketch adds a lot to the pressure and the heavily taboo subjects.

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