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Kunngi - Maaninunanni

Model: Ulo-170

Frederik Kristensen - Kunngi - the year's recipient of the Greenlandic Cultural Prize - is now ready with a new CD, with 12 new songs - performed by himself and a number of his musical friends. Kunngi, known for his multitalent as a poet, artist, and songwriter, can now again contribute the population to a new entertaining CD, as many have been waiting for.
Many people remember the 1994 "Same Samma Paffa Paffa" CD, which was built according to the same concept: Kunngi's beautiful poems, performed by himself and a number of other singers. It was among other things on the CD that for the first time heard a young Kuupik Kleist singing. And that collaboration is still on Kunngi's new CD.
The new songs are the result of an annual process where the musician and producer JORSI SØRENSEN have occasionally collected a handful of other musicians, ANGUNNGUAQ LARSEN (Chilly Friday), OVE HEILMANN (G60), LEIF IMMANUELSEN (Inneruulat et al.) And Romanian ION FAGHIURA. Together, they have created the musical foundation, and then Jorsi Sørensen has collected a number of singers who make the CD's 12 songs to small musical beads.
KUNNGI even sings a couple of songs, in addition, a lovely new voice in Greenlandic music, NAHOME KREUTZMANN, is also featured with LONE JOSEFSEN's popular voice. PETER MOTZFELDT, experienced rappers from among others Nuuk Posse shows brand new sides by itself, and of course KUUPIK KLEIST.

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