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Hans Otto Sandgreen Brandt "Apeqqutit"

Model: ASCD14

Hans Otto´s second production from 2000. Recorded in Atlantic Studio in Nanortalik (from 1998-2001). His style is popmusic – lyrics about love, encouragement and themes of life. Hans Otto is a great sing and songwriter and voice special as he performs and sings vocal both as tenor and as sopran with great affection.

ASCD-14 Hans Otto...

  1. Alaannakkit
  2. Apeqqutit
  3. Ataatsimut
  4. Suli
  5. Qaammat
  6. Ingerlassuugut
  7. Qanga
  8. Utertigit Pissutsivut
  9. Inuugatta
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